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Discover interesting facts and topics about dogs

Two corgi dogs nibbling on a whole pumpkin.

17 Superfoods for Your Dog

February 16, 2020

If your best friend walks on four legs and feels nice and furry to cuddle with, you're not alone. Like all other dog owners, you want the best for your pup when it comes to keeping them healthy and happy. The confusion about what foods to feed your dog and which ones to avoid can be daunting. We're going to make it easy as pie for you by breaking down the top 17 superfoods that you should be feeding your dog so they can flourish. 
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A pug dog resting its head on a sofa back, looking up

Fleas, Ticks and Worms in Dogs – Prevent and Treat Naturally

February 05, 2020

As a caring pet parent, you want the best for your dog. This includes keeping your dog safe from health dangers caused by parasites such as fleas, ticks, and worms.

In this article, we will alert you to the nasty side effects of conventional parasite products and point out other effective, but milder and natural alternatives to prevent and treat certain parasites.

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white-brown small dog sitting on wooden floor and next to it a bunch of its fur

7 Easy Tips to Get on Top of your Dog’s Shedding

February 01, 2020

If you're wondering just how people guessed that you were a dog person, the truth is that they can see your dog's hair all over your clothes. You're so used to it that you probably don't really notice anymore before you leave your house to head to work. But, others around you can easily pick up on it. If you're ready to say goodbye to the relentless shedding, here are seven of our best tips to handling it like a pro.
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Shar Pei Dog sitting on the grass with the back to the camera, looking over its shoulder.

The Shar Pei Dog - The Right Dog for You?

January 26, 2020

If you have ever thought about owning a Shar Pei, then read on. The following article will discuss all about the Shar Pei including the bear coat Shar Pei. Topics covered with include, the dog’s history, hygiene and care as well as grooming and exercise needs.

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Teach Your Dog to Go Potty in a Designated Area

Teach Your Dog to Go Potty in a Designated Area

January 22, 2020

Teaching your dog to go potty on command in a designated area is something that can certainly come in handy. This is especially the case in situations where you might be running late for work or driving for long periods with your dog.

Read on to learn about how you can teach your dog to do their business on your cue and in an area of your choice.

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German Shepherd barking

Is it Humane to Stop Your Dog from Barking?

January 19, 2020

Sometimes you might think it would just be so nice if your dog would not bark but is that even possible and more to the point is it humane? Here we are going to discuss the good and bad points of not letting your dog bark and why dogs bark in the first place.

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French Bulldog laying on a sofa resting its head and looking at the camera

The French Bulldog - Is This the Right Dog for You?

January 15, 2020

Have you ever thought about owning a French bulldog (Frenchie)? If so then keep reading because we are about to cover all about the French bulldog. Topics covered will include the dog’s origin and history, nature and personality as well as grooming and care of the French bulldog.

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Corgi Dog walks next to owner on the leash, looking up to the owner.

Leash Training your Dog – Walking Without Pulling

January 12, 2020

Walking on the leash is a skill that dogs must learn through training. Many owners are not aware of this fact, and instead, assume that their dog naturally knows how to walk on the leash. This is not the case. 

Read on to learn why you should teach your dog leash walking skills, understand why your dog pulls on the leash, and learn how to teach your dog to walk with you rather than ahead of you on the leash.

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Toddler girl and Labrador dog sitting under a cherry tree

The ABC’s of Feeding your Dog - A Guide for a Healthy Diet

January 08, 2020

A healthy and balanced diet is vital to ensure that your dog stays healthy and happy. Certain foods are crucial and beneficial for your dog’s overall wellbeing, whilst others can be harmful or even poisonous.

This article will give you an overview of the foods that your dog can and should eat and those that your dog must not eat. You will also learn why you need to look out for highly processed dog foods.

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The German Shepherd – The Right Dog for You?

The German Shepherd – The Right Dog for You?

January 05, 2020

The German Shepherd Dog (GSD) is known for their loyalty, temperament, and strong protective instincts. But is it the right dog for you? Read on to learn about their history, unique personality, special needs in terms of care, and whether the German Shepherd is the right dog for you and your family.

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Anxious looking dog lies on a sofa

7 Signs Your Dog Experiences Stress and How to Relief it

January 01, 2020

When noticing a change in your dog’s body language, it’s important to understand what the cause might be. Every dog expresses fear, anxiety, and stress differently and for every dog, different strategies might help to relieve these feelings.

Read on to learn about the top 7 signs that your dog is experiencing stress, followed by 7 things you can do to calm your dog. 

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dog obedience training

Top 5 Commands - Dog and Puppy Obedience Training

December 29, 2019

If you already own or are thinking about adding a dog or puppy to your household, you might want to think about dog or puppy obedience training. Following you will learn about the benefits of dog and puppy obedience training, when you should start to train your dog or puppy, where to start with dog or puppy obedience training, toilet training your dog or puppy and way’s to make training fun for you and your dog or puppy.

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