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If you have the great fortune of being a pet owner, you know there’s no better expression of unconditional love than the one on your dog’s face. It’s written all over them. They are givers. They give you joy. They give you companionship. They love everything about you: the sound of your voice, your smell, and the smile on your face.

And you love everything about your canine companion too, don’t you? From the tail-wagging rapture when greeting you at the door to sneaking into your bed for a loving cuddle at night, you cannot help falling in love with each and every cute action of your four-pawed companion. And in no time, they become your world and you theirs.


At Pooche Supplies, we adore our pets with the same passion as you do. We are pet people, pet lovers and pet parents. We want to make your four-pawed kids as happy as they make us. After all, our pets are our family, and family only deserves the best.


We honour that love and that bond. That’s why we are committed to bring exceptional products for dogs that aim to foster their well-being.

All pets deserve the best (and a cosy bed to snuggle at night!) so we’ve found the finest pet products out there and created a platform where we can share them with you. Right here, like-minded pet owners can find carefully researched, hand-selected products that have been tried and tested to make taking care of your pet as enjoyable and effortless as possible.


Rest assured, if we won’t give it to our own pets, you won’t find it here.

In fact, this year we screened out merely 37% of potential products. Even better, all our products are backed up by a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can shop stress-free.

We want to spread as much paw-sitivity as we can among our customers, so we warmly welcome you to join the conversation on our Facebook community! You can also reach out to us via Email, Contact Form and Messenger.


Not only we would love to know you and your pets better but also try our best to revert within 24 hours. Making people and animals happy, makes us happy!


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